Meet Sean Davison


My name is Sean Davison.

As a Director of Exit, I oversee our Swiss Application Assistance & ID Programs.

Prior to joining Exit, I founded Dignity South Africa. I am also a former President of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies.

A Bit About Me

Let’s start at the beginning. I am a New Zealander by birth. I was raised in Hokitika, by my Irish father and British mother. One of four children.

In 1991, I moved to South Africa to take up post-doctoral research studies at the University of Cape Town where I became Professor of Molecular Biology & DNA Forensics, later establishing the molecular virology & a DNA forensics laboratories

The DNA forensics lab has become notable for its work in identifying the remains of anti-apartheid activists, who were buried in mass graves by the apartheid-era police. This lab also developed the DNA rape kit used in the identification of perpetrators in cases of gang rape.

I am married to Raine, & have 3 great kids & 2 beautiful German Shepherd dogs.

My Activism Part 1

In 2010, I was arrested in New Zealand and charged with the attempted murder of my terminally-ill mother, Dr Patricia Ferguson. I had written a book Before We Say Goodbye about the final three months leading up to her death.

Unfortunately, I sent a manuscript of the book to my older sister Mary. Mary promptly reported me to the police.

I would go on to be arrested and charged with Pat’s attempted murder in September 2010. A year later, I reluctantly took a plea deal (to assisting her suicide) and spent 5 months in home detention in New Zealand.

Prior to the Judge’s ruling, Archbishop Desmond Tutu wrote a letter of support and addressed it to Judge Christine French. He pleaded for a lenient sentence for me.

Judge French acknowledged that Archbishop Tutu’s request impressed her considerably and concluded (correctly) that my actions were driven by love and compassion. I was allowed to return to the family in Cape Town.

My Activism Part 2

In 2018 – 2019, I was charged again, this time in Sth Africa. The three people I would be accused of ‘murdering’ were my quadriplegic friend Anrich Burger, MND sufferer Justin Varian and Richard Holland who suffered from Locked in Syndrome. (There is no such thing as assisted suicide in Sth Africa).

After much politicking, I took a plea deal and served 3 years home detention. As soon as my detention was up, I relocated with my family to the UK.

My Work at Exit Switzerland

I currently manage Exit’s Application Assistance Program and our ID Program. This means that I can:

  • help you to decide which Swiss clinic is best suited to you
  • help with your application
  • meet you in Switzerland prior to your VAD
  • ID you to the Swiss authorities after you have gone (as required under Swiss law)

The decision to go to Switzerland, however, must be yours alone. I will not encourage you to die. But I will respect your decision if it is considered, long-held and voluntary.

My sole motivation in helping you through the Swiss red tape is compassion – that you get the peaceful, reliable and lawful death that you desire (in a country where assisted suicide is respected as a civil and human right).

Please remember, it is not until you are in Switzerland and have seen the consulting doctor (and been given ‘green light’) that will you be in a position to decide to go ahead (or not) with your assisted death.

I can be contacted on +41 (0) 415100413 or by email at: