Friend Assistance Program

Most people who go to Switzerland for a VAD are accompanied by their family and/ or friends.

When this is not possible, an Exit person can be with you on this final journey.

An Exit Friend can help in the following ways:

  • Meet you at the airport on your arrival & stay by your side until you depart
  • Help you with your hotel stay, eating out & getting around
  • Be with you when you receive the clinic doctor for the final assessment
  • Help you to tick-off your bucket-list (should there be some last do things you’d like to see/ do)
  • Travel with you to the clinic on the annointed day & be with you in your final hours
  • ID you to the authorities after you are gone (this way you may not need to provide dental records)
  • Organise for your personal belongings to be returned to your family/ friends after you are gone
  • Phone/ email your family/ friends to let them know how it all went

The impact of a VAD on close friends and family can be significant.

Increasingly, Exit is called upon as a friendly presence both before and after death. And this is fine with us. We do what we can to look after everyone involved.

To learn more about dying in Switzerland, we recommend you read our online books: Going to Switzerland: how to plan your final exit. and Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

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Captain Rob Cane with Russell, Basel, January 2024