Identification Assistance Program

Most people who go to Switzerland for a VAD are accompanied by their family and/ or friends.

When this is not possible, Exit representative, Sean Davison, can be with you on this important journey.

Swiss regulations stipulate that everyone who dies in Switzerland must be formally identified after they are gone (posthumously). This can be done in two ways.

At some clinics, your identification is done by your family & friends. If you are travelling alone, an Exit Representative can step-in to ID you.

At other clinics, identification is done via dental records, where you will need to provide full 360-degree dental x-rays (OPG).

However, if getting these specialist dental records presents a problem (eg. the dentist in your home country is uncooperative), an Exit ID Witness (Exit Friend) makes for a good Plan B.

If you plan to come to Switzerland on your own, & you think you may need an ID witness (Exit Friend), it is advisable to contact Sean Davison as soon as possible (even before you start your application with your chosen clinic).

This way, you can get to know Sean & develop a solid, supportive relationship well prior to the chosen time of your VAD. Sean can also then be there with you each step of the way.

Sean Davison can even accompany you if you do not require an official ID witness.

No one should spend their final days without a caring friend by their side. Sean is very much this person.

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Wioleta Barraniak with Sean Davison in Basel, January 2023