Exit International created the Exit Swiss Assistance Programs in response to member inquiries about dying in Switzerland.

While Exit’s main focus is on self-help methods of dying peacefully & reliably at a time of one’s choosing, we also recognize that some people may wish to make use of one of the several Swiss clinics which cater to foreigners.

Some people want to die in Switzerland in order to protect their loved ones from trouble with the law. Others like the idea of traveling to a distant land: one last hurrah, if you will. Some like the assurance that comes with going to a clinic that specializes in only one thing: a peaceful death.

Exit’s Swiss Assistance Program is overseen by Professor Sean Davison who maintains close links with the various Swiss clinics. Sean is in the unique position of being able to liaise directly with the clinic in question, & iron out any issues before they become problems.

As a frequent visitor to Switzerland, Sean can also advise & assist with travel plans, visa requirements (if applicable), vaccinations (not applicable), accommodation etc.

What Sean cannot, and will not, do is encourage you to travel to Switzerland to die. The decision must be yours, and you must be acting of your own volition.

Furthermore, no one ever knows if they will go through with their death once they arrive in Switzerland; Exit often says that one is going to Switzerland to make up one’s mind.

Few people can say that they are 100% sure that they will go through with their death until they arrive in Switzerland and have been given the final approval.

Travel to Switzerland should be seen as the final step in a deeply-personal, long-held, well considered decision about your future life and death.

Exit publishes detailed information about the ‘Swiss Option’ (including Swiss law) in the book – Going to Switzerland: how to plan your final exit