Helping People go to Switzerland since 2007

At Exit, we can help guide you & your loved ones through the process of applying for an assisted death in Switzerland.

Our book – ‘Going to Switzerland: How to Plan your Final Exit’ – is invaluable reading on this often challenging topic.

Going to Switzerland

Switzerland is unique in the world in that it allows foreigners to fly in & get help to die without being terminally ill.

Yet the process of being accepted for an assisted suicide/ voluntary assisted death in Switzerland can be complicated, expensive & highly bureaucratic.

To assist you in dealing with the red tape (& those ‘lost in translation’ moments), Exit International provides two programs to help guide you.

For a quick overview of all things Swiss, please read our short book – Going to Switzerland: how to plan your final exit

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Application Assistance Program

Friend Assistance Program

Exit Testimonials

In January 2007, Exit accompanied John & Angelika Elliott to Dignitas where John would later die.

In May 2018 Exit accompanied 104 year old Professor David Goodall to Life Circle. David was not sick.

In February 2019, Exit accompanied Troy & Chris Thornton to Life Circle where Troy would later die.

In December 2019, Exit accompanied 90-year old Laura Henkel & her family to Pegasos. Laura was not sick.

In June 2021, Exit accompanied Zsuzsi Yardley. Zsuzsi was not sick.

In August 2021, Exit accompanied Audrey & Gregory who died together. Audrey was not sick.

In January 2024, Exit accompanied Rob Cane.