Application Assistance Program

The Application Assistance Program (AAP) provides help with applying for a VAD in Switzerland. The Swiss love bureaucracy. This program helps you cut through & deal with the red tape.

Application Assistance includes:

  • help with online & offline application forms
  • help with the collation of official documents & advice on relevant government agencies
  • help with final versions of documents/ forms prior to submission
  • anything else related to applying for a VAD in Switzerland

Need to Know Information

Note 1 – Exit is unable to 100% guarantee an applicant the ‘green light’ of approval. That decision rests with the doctors who consult to the clinic concerned. If Exit considers that a person is unlikely to obtain a green light, this will be stated at the outset of the process.

Note 2 – Exit can only assist people to go to Switzerland who fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have mental capacity
  • Your desire to go to Switzerland for an assisted death is a voluntary, clear, settled, informed and long-held decision
  • You approach Exit Switzerland of your own volition

Note 3 – Exit’s sole motivation in providing information and assistance about dying in Switzerland is compassion – our aim is to help you get the peaceful, reliable and lawful death that you desire.

To learn more about dying in Switzerland, we advise you to read: Going to Switzerland: how to plan your final exit.

Price: $30-60 (depending on whether you are an Exit member or existing subscriber to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook)

Apply – Application Assistance Program